With more than 40 agencies abroad, is a strong partner - world wide.

A member of the WP Bakery Group, WP Haton is the specialist in bakery equipment.

A member of WP Bakery Group, WP Kemper is the specialist in machines and systems for dough production and further processing.

The newest member of WP Bakery Group.

One of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries.

Set up in 1948, Trivi is an italian food industry leader, specialized in the manufacturing of a full range of machinery and equipment.

Tonelli Group studies, engineers, produces and sells complete plants for the Bakery Industry world wide.

Since 1969, Padovani has been producing high-quality biscuit mods for all types of machines on the market.

Since 1982, Termopan SA isa dedicated company in manufacturing pastry and bakery ovens.

BTF bakery technology is a company established in year 2000.It exploits more than 30 years of experiences of bakery equipment.

With a 40 year experience, Konomac SRL has settled in the world market with succes, offering unique and impressive machines.

Meiko has become a global brand in professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology.

Mimac boasts a more than 30 years experience in the production of pastry machinery.

More than 30 years experience of manufacturing bakery equipment.

Since 1960, Turri SRL designs and manufactures machines and equipment for bakeries, confectioneries, pizzerias etc.

Mapamva spent over 50 years providing solutions to bakers from countries all around the world.

A Premium class brand, wich produce machinery and equipment as well as industrial technological lines for the production of biscuits.

With an experience over 40 years, Mecnosud is one of the most important companies in producing dough kneading machines.

Expert for baking technology, offers high-quality accessories.

PS Mako has supplied far more than 10.000 clipfix closing machines and packaging machines worldwide.

Tarpan designs and produce machines and equipments for bakeries and pastry shops.

Kromo is a world leading company in the production of professional dish & ware-washing machines.

MECH-MASZ is one of the main producers of ovens, machines, furniture and accesories for bakery and pastry sectors in Poland.

Was born as a company for planning and construction of storage, conveyance, dosage and automation systems for food industry.

Company Ram, can count on a staff that boasts of more than 20 years competence in the bakery and pastry shop machines field.

Designs and manufacture as well distributes equipments for food industry in order to be able to offer wide list of products.

Since1986, offered solutions for the food industry, manufacturing process machines and systems for washing handling elements.

Specialized in the manufacturing of machines for processing chocolate, chocolate compound and confectionery products..

Was established in 1947 and has become a leading name in the packaging industry.

Is the leading manufacturer of machines for cutting, chopping, grating, grinding and declumping foodstuff.

Is the only mixer manufacturer in Taiwan and specializes in the production of heavy-duty spiral mixers.

Has been manufacturing deck ovens, rotary ovens and professional mixers for bakeries and pastry shop for over 50 years.

Designs and manufactures packaging machines, production lines for wrapping and packaging every kind of product.

Has started activity in 2001 and have been producing spiral dough kneaders, planetary mixers and bread slicers as main items.

ICETECH, present in the market since the early '80's, is today a leader in the sector of hand-made ice cream, both in Italy and worldwide.

Avancini machines aremanufactured within the company only with materials made in Italy.

ICB Tecnologie is specialized in the production of machines for pastries and machines for chocolate.

Since1949, Sevel products proved with success with a high-quality line and became a world-wide brand.

50 years of experience and team of 140 people who give their best every day, makes them a professional, reliable, strong partener.

The Darbo family began producing fruit jams, fruit syrups and exquisite fruit liqueurs in 1879.

Ruitenberg can provide a wide range of quality concepts for the bakery, meat and confectionary sectors.

The Leagel Company is specialized in manufacturing semi-finished products for ice-cream parlours and cake shops.

ENGI TECHNOLOGIES specialized in design and manufacturing machines and plants for the production of rice and corn cakes.

Established in 1884, the company is experienced in manufacturing cream whipping machines.

NEW DELL is a company specialized in the construction of automatic volumetric dividers used in industrial sector of pastry and bread production.

Beldos is a leading producer of depositors, transfer pumps and cake equipment for bakeries all over the world.

Polin Group is the largest Italian industrial company in the design and manufacture of machines and ovens for bread, pastry and biscuits.

Since 1982, Gierre is specialized in ovens for every professional kitchens.

Pavoni Italy was founded in 1980 and is specialized in the pastry and bakery sectors.